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Remote control and check your car.

Wherever you are, just pull the phone out of your pocket and make sure your Hyundai car is safe, healthy, and ready to go.

Be certain, lock, or unlock.

Remote door lock & unlock

Forget to lock your car? Don’t worry, the car will let you know by sending a push notification to your phone. Then, using your PIN, you can lock or unlock your car by using a button in the Bluelink app.

Make sure all is well.

Car health information

For ultimate peace of mind, you can run a remote diagnostic check from the Bluelink app. The vehicle report alerts you if any systems inside your vehicle need to be checked, such as tyre pressure, brakes, airbags, or others.

Check your car's status any time.

Vehicle status

Need petrol? Just check the app. Enjoy remote access to the status of your car from anywhere, at any given moment, like distance to empty, doors open/closed or locked/unlocked and windows or trunk open/closed.

Use maps and location features.

While using and controlling the navigation system in the car is easy, especially with Voice Recognition, the app lets you plan your route from wherever. The Bluelink app also allows you to finish navigating after you parked, and to find your car where you left it.

Plan your route anywhere, anytime.

Destination send to car

Use the Bluelink app to search for destinations and plan your route outside of your car. Bluelink then syncs the route into your navigation system. Just get in and press go.

Finish navigating on foot.

 Last mile navigation

If you are within 200 m - 2 km, you can hand over navigation from the car to the Bluelink app. With augmented reality, your phone will then guide you exactly where you want to go.

Map your car's location.

Find my car

Forgot where you parked? Just open the Bluelink app to see the current location of your car.

Electric vehicle special features.

For those Hyundai drivers who chose an electric vehicle, the Bluelink app has even more convenient features: Prepare your right temperature and manage anything relating to charging your electric Hyundai vehicle.

Make it comfortable for you.

Remote climate

Set the temperature that is comfortable for you in the Bluelink app and the car will activate the heater or AC to get ready for your upcoming drive.

Confirm your range.

Distance to empty (DTE)

Before you get on the road, check the distance you can cover with your car's current charge.

Set and change your schedule.

Charging schedule

The Bluelink app provides access and control over your electric car's charging schedule. Manage it to ensure the best battery life and electricity rates. And that your car is fully charged when you are ready to go, of course.

Override default setting.

Charging limits

Take total control of charging your electric car. You can decide the limits for fast and overall charging - if you want to.

Personal features.

The Hyundai Bluelink app is more than just functional, it's personal, convenient and customisable.

Get overviews and details.

My trips

Pick a month and get a summary of previous trips including journey time, distance driven, average speed and top speed. You can also pick a day and drill down to each individual trip.

Never lose a setting.

User profiles

Save your profile and car settings to the Bluelink-Cloud to back them up. This feature also lets you transfer your preferences to a new Hyundai car.

Make it yours.


Make the Bluelink app work how you want it to: Customise the app's home screen.